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    TL;DR: Merchant like Jasid that appears for limited time (would probably be an event) weekly.

    -Merchant has Tarot Set pieces (or chances to give them)

    -Merchant has legacy and MFI lootbox

    -Merchant places debuff which limits the amount of times you can buy per day (or two days)

    -I do not know how to make this appeal to older, richer, hoarding players. Am taking ideas.

    I must say, this is an insanely well thought out plan. I want to explain adverse effects of this, and perhaps go more into detail.

    First: Yes, this will be bad for newbies at first. There is no other way to put this. It's an unfortunate consequence, but as the game is now, it is especially not good for newbies.

    Secondly: Forget about what you just saw me type because it's a lie. The consequential effect of placing MO limits and FD are not bad. Many people have explained why already, but just to give a brief synapses:

    1. It could encourage players to work together and actually do dungeons again. There are still people that do PT, however, I will say that the amount of people that do it is much less than before. -Frosch

    2. It will directly impact leechers, illegal gold sellers, and multi-clienters. This will put a strangle hold on the amount of gold that is being generated by the system, which brings me to... -Dark

    3. It will directly impact inflation. -Dark

    All of these things are good, HOWEVER, I *MUST* stress the importance of the gold sink that MUST come with this update. If the MO limit were to be introduced without the gold sink, people would just hoard their gold. And to be quite honest, even I have a strong urge to hoard gold after viewing this thread.

    So create an incentive

    I personally would suggest a revamping of the travelling Merchant Jasid, or make a similar NPC. The NPC could have endgame items that are attainable via endgame. Such as Tarot sets (-Princess) and Ancient Resonance Stones. I'm not sure if this is correct on my part, and I'm open to a debate on it, but I do believe that this shop should *not* have AP items with few exceptions.

    1. Legacy.

    Legacy is an integral part in the game's system. Newbies do not have access to good gear near what I call the mid-game (60). Up until that point, Orange sets are sufficient to go through the game's content, but for most classes, the endgame dungeons do not allow such a thing again until later levels, seeing as many of the sets that are craftable around that level lack in Defense/M-Defense. This is changed to scale later, but not until level 65+. I believe that a low level player should be able to get Legacy from this NPC, from a lootbox. But please.




    Make the rates good. Otherwise no one will buy them and the gold sink will fail.

    2. MFI's.

    Again, I'm not entirely sure about this and I'm open to debate on this one, but putting MFI's in this lootbox would greatly help newbies get their gear fortified IF THE MFI'S ARE CAPPED AT MFI2/MFI3. Seeing as most softcap endgame content (when I say this in this section specifically, I am referring to levels 60-80) can be run with the fortifications +10 in the lower range, and +13 in the higher range. It would ultimately make new players more dependent on themselves, and less dependent on leechers/begging.

    I also believe that the shops prices should change on one or two contextual fronts

    1. Being the current state of the economy. Make it reflect the inflation and the amount of gold in the game. However, this must be done whilst keeping rich players in mind, or else it will not work.

    2. Make it based on level. I believe this is a good idea for two reasons.

    2a): It would take into account the "average" amount of gold someone at that level would earn. This is less for rich players and more for newbies.

    2b): It would make reaching the gold sink actually attainable so that newbies could spend their money on this NPC. More data from players would be needed

    I believe this NPC would also place a debuff on you, limiting the amount of times you can buy something from this shop. Whether it is weekly or daily is up to more analytical minds. I'm too lazy to think of that for the time being (plus I am typing this in a rush).

    To be quite honest though, I am typing this without an idea on what to do for the existing problem: hoarding rich players. The gold sink would also have to have an option or appeal to them for wanting to spend their astronomical amounts of money, and to be quite honest, I cannot come up with an idea for that. Someone else probably can though if this idea takes off, though.