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    Great, can finally reply won't say those AA's are bad that's a stretch druids just can do it just nowhere near as good as AA's. I been in arenas with multiple druids and seen one called Inceptionz able to handle himself well against phantoms and he wasn't even perming Gorilla Guard and was able to tank for a time and this was while getting attacked by others to, from what I could recall and he was killing them and he didn't even have a full mage team. You don't need to permanently use candy if your a druid and I don't see anyone staying in it at 100 for a whole arena round anyway just use it when its needed. Focus/Crimson Eye is broken but that ring likely will get nerfed it's description has already changed its just a matter of when. The only Shinobi I see proc taro without dying against every non pen class is Ryozo and he is one out of many he stated himself that he's fully maxed and to top that he's extremely skilled and even then he can still get hit hard in it if he's not careful and also he's the only Shinobi I seen 1-4 shot people nobody else. I would be more concern of gunners being able to spam spells all day a phantom animation in it is nowhere near as bad compared to there's which is why I mention a few posts above that there animation should be nerfed in candy I play 100 arena 100% of the tiime when I'm on. I use to play the 80 bracket but not anymore.

    These phantoms also had 20k m-defence and he was doing a great deal of damage to them solo without a full mage team. Druids have it hard yes but nowhere near as hard compared to predators.

    As far as I'm aware correct me if I'm wrong Deathknights are the only class which can bring out the overpowered potential with the focus ring due to the amount of triples they can generate combined with the ring itself people still get island buff anyway which in it self is like a candy just doesn't last as long as candies do so for that limited amount of time players will be attacking fast just not to the extent of candy I feel like the main concern for you is the fact that focus ring will be a more dangerous compared to everyone hitting significantly faster.

    ''arena a lot more intense and unpredictable while in candy due to the instant animations you never know when a playerwill shroom you etc''

    I didn't extend on this properly which is my fault what i mean't by this is a shroom is a lot more dangerous with candy due to the instant animations you can dish out way more damage so because of this fights will be a lot more intense since you'll have to keep your guard up a lot more often compared to without.

    The examble with the templar doesn't even prove anything there. The same thing would've happened if there was no candy involved. As well as, just because things happen faster doesn't mean it's "more intense".

    I see what you mean here but I'm going have to dissent here you know as well as me how fast a gunner attacks while in candy lets say on average compared to 25-50 hits within a few seconds with candy where you can dish out 2k-5k within those hits compared to without it 5-15 hits at best? a lot less damage on the templar meaning the chances of him surviving would've been way higher so no I do not believe the same thing would've happen if candy was not involved especially on how bad gunners animation are without it. Furthermore things happening a lot quicker is definitely way more intense everything will be happening at and extreme rate so you'll have to be be show and increase demand in concentration as everything every action will be rapid. Compare this to without candy it's a lot less slow pace I don't know about you but when I'm arena with candy I tend to be more switched on compared to without.

    What kind of support are you talking about ?

    ''Druids can shackle a single person for ~8 seconds - That's something

    Healing Support - Awesome, too bad the main and basically only healing skill that is actually useful has a two second Cooldown meaning that support is very limited.

    ''Otherwise - Druid can not help with debuffing the enemy since the debuffs are exclusive to Eagle
    Druid can not help to keep the crystal since they only have six offensive skills. Two of which need charges. And another three skills have a high cooldown, one of those three skills has a very high cooldown and animation in candy. That leaves a single skill. Which is not spamable - again - because it has a two second cooldown.''

    Any other support ? Maybe small boosts to the morale of your teammates. That's an interesting way to call an entire class worthless. Thank you, it's very appreciated. C:''

    You mentioned the supporting I'm talking about you say there healing has it limitations but I've seen druids still support better then Archangels so is it really that limited? Your right they can't help with debuffing but I don't expect a druid to perm candy it depends in the situation you in whether or not they should use it seems like you play druids so you should know as well as me there a jack of all trades. They can also use Gorilla guard while in candy as while as Ultimate summon tree of life to support and a few other skills to so it's not as bad as you say it is.

    ''In lower bracket. Aka the brackets which are dead.

    You won't go in on the details because you realised there are no positive things worth mentioning.

    ''The highest priority should be the highest level of PvP to be balanced. Argueing how good something is in low level brackets is worthless and stupid.

    ''Predators are strong. At lv40. Maybe. When you really try hard and spend alot of money. Congratulations, the class is no longer utterly garbage anywhere higher than 41.''

    I can I'm just refusing to because of my private reasons. Your right the highest priority should be the highest level of pvp it was wrong for me to argue about lower brackets I apologise forgive me for being ignorant. As the higher you go the more you got to adapt and change your play style because of what happens to certain classes.

    It's OK if you disagree like I said you gave me your points and I understand

    ill admit, I'm wrong there I don't play gearmaster so I really don't know how much they benefit it's just from what I have seen in arena and in duels the game has changed yes but it isn't and immense difference where even the addition of candies would change everything it won't matter to much people had x3 seal back then even during the reign of Gearmaster and gunner and it was indeed annoying but not as bad as you think If I'm sealed and silence it doesn't matter there not doing damage are they it's more of and annoyance if anything but not broken its negligible.

    Well Shinobi is already a pretty spammed class in arena the last months, thx to their broken tankiness and their clone and toxin which makes them able to burst insane dmg BECAUSE of the candy. Candy in PvP is not needed it will just f*ck the non existing balance even more up. PvE yeh why not it already doesnt matter since there wasnt any bug fix for druid defdowns in 91+ PvP for years. Also PvE is half garbage cuz its reflect, random one shot or stupidly procc your title in VFS.

    there was a large proportion of Shinobi's way more then there are now a few years ago even before the addition of vfs rings no one complain at all about the amount of damage a shinobi can dish out and frankly there are a few which were hitting a tier above the rest for example Izio. because of the skill on how they played compared to the others but that's due to the way they used the class . Shinobi's are powerful I do agree but there negligible in comparison to gunners when it comes to dishing out damage while in candy not to mention a Gearmaster to.Is the addtion of vfs rings combined with candy really going make a very large difference? The only damage ring is Sunder armour ring unless you want to include the Damage over time rings such as Demonologist Blizzard , pyre, thunderstrike ring Gale which I'm not sure if they would use that or not I don't play shinobi so I'm not assume neither am I going make a judgement it seems like you do though so you tell me would those DOT rings work with candy for Shinobi. I do see what you mean about reflect though in PVE with the amount of damage you can do just going one shot yourself and the bosses of vfs yeah you said it yourself got to proc your title if you want to do damage

    ill admit, I'm wrong there I don't play gearmaster so I really don't know how much they benefit it's just from what I have seen in arena and in duels the game has changed yes but it isn't and immense difference where even the addition of candies would change everything it won't matter to much people had x3 seal back then even during the reign of Gearmaster and gunner and it was indeed annoying but not as bad as you think If I'm sealed and silence it doesn't matter there not doing damage are they it's more of and annoyance if anything but not broken its negligible.

    I disagree there gear shinobis animation now to begin with lets just be honest is bad with them getting candies just makes there animation equal or relative to warlord which is fine I'm sure others would agree the only reason why I think you'll say there nasty with no animations like you said is the fact that the seal and silence of their swords would proc more plus with candies coming back there would be a significant increase in the shinobi branch meaning more ultimate's around arena and gvg then before this will in turn make people less tanky which is needed with the insane amount of stats everyone has at 100 anyway in addition to this wouldn't the increase amount of seals/silence a shinobi can do slow down the new classes now. The Mechmasters(GM Branch) there isn't that much of a difference with them with candy and without if anything there not as broken as compared to now than then everyone has - penetration now and it's not like there animation was instant to begin with there's not much of a difference between and MM using endless with candy and without gunner however is a different story. Gunners there animation needs nerfing equalling it out to the physical classes right now or even a bit less with 50-100 hits done in under a second that's definitely something not to overlook I think I mentioned gunners before in the above post? I'm not sure have to check. With Shinigami and warlock there animation is already pretty good to begin with in candy there's not much of a difference besides from the fact you can multicast a lot easier and other benefits.

    I'm pretty loss how you say candies would throw the balance out of whack few years ago no one complained about candies at all the issue was with Gearmaster/Gunners and even before that candy was going for a few years with little to no complains even though AA's couldn't use fear arena was a lot more fierce when everyone is in candy compared to when no one isn't in candy I seen it and witness i I rather have a normal arena where everyone can candy compared to the GFWT matches where it's whoever AA and Shinigami can fear first does that sound balance to you? That doesn't sound fun at all that's boring , repetitive and mundane and just dull. I had a lot more invigorating matches due to the fact candy was in the game and I'm sure others would agree. I can ensure you if candies were implemented in those GFWT matches the matches would've been a lot more gripping and absorbing not only that there would've been more class branches in there to.

    Druids animation on there forms need to be improved indeed but even if they can't use candy there mobility is vastly superior to majority of the classes while there in bird form if anything druids bird animation needs to be somewhat faster then what it is . but even so if need be they can still support very well if they wanted to in candy calling them a washed up AA is a bit of a stretch lower brackets candies on the druid class do help but don't want to go into detail on that so it's not entirely useless for them . I don't think any predator would bother use candy in arena as they lose a considerable amount of mobility to begin with its much easy to catch a predator in candy then it is in mount furthermore other classes which will use candy to will also lose mobility so there's no issue here everyone will be considerably slower using it then they were in mount so there really isn't any disadvantage here at all , like you said they have no auto ranged auto attack which I'm assuming can be fixed rather easily so this isn't really a major problem but even then they're a lot better on mounts. I can't speak for the archer branch class as I do not play it myself but it's from what i have seen in arena. MM with candy and the ability to use overclock shouldn't be that much of and issue with the - pen implemented they shouldn't be doing crazy damage as they did before the only issue I see would be the gunners in candy as they can fire about 50-100 hits in under a few seconds. As I mentioned before they can nerfed the gunner animation in candy stopping them from being able to fire that many shots in a second . Tell me if I'm wrong but I feel like your hesitant Roryn due to the fact of the issue with gunners if it wasn't that I'm sure your opinion would change if that's the case I totally understand where you're coming from.

    Yeah you're right Darkshade it is pretty odd but even so there was little to no issues anyone had with candy back then if anything it did more good then harm and it was for everyone. Also do you really think x-legends or Aeria would address all these animation issues directly that would take a portion amount of time which makes me wonder would they even bother? Relying on candy is the most easiest way to fix them and the issues that lie in candy can definitely be fixed a lot easier a few little tweaks e.g nerfing the gunner attack speed in candy and allowing Predators to auto hit in candy compared to them revamping the animation on classes to begin with and top of that Aeria would earn money to as people would be buying candies from the ap store and you know as well as me they benefit a lot more from this then doing what you suggested.

    interesting points you all have some a lot unclear compared to the others but nonetheless I do see where your points lie. Mozeps I don't see how candy can make anyone weaker if anything everyone benefits some a lot more then others and you know who benefits the most x-legends you say adding them to pve would be bad to druids not at all since druids can use candy in there human form and just aoe mobs while in staff with little to none animation time which will definitely help a lot since procing multiple staffs/weapons in dungeons becomes a lot easier but I'm only talking about if there grinding if it's bosses pretty sure they won't be doing that. If I'm wrong tell me this is all a learning process ill explain if you want me to but most likely you know already.. x-legends doing and animation update on all the classes seems easier said then done there's still some items/costumes in the game which isn't even archiveable yet. Bringing back candies is a much easier solution and x-legends doesn't need to do anything except what I mentioned above nerfing the gunner attack speed in it and that's really it all classes will have equal animation and i'm pretty sure this can be done easily.

    I don't know if anyone has realised this but pve literally became nearly completely dead when candies got removed candies coming back would likely revive pve

    ill just like to further add that if candy ever does come back Gunner rapidly fast animation in candy should be nerf down quite a bit since their animation with it can be use to abuse certain rings with no cooldown which wouldn't be pretty for any class in arena at all. Better said now then if candy did come back and there's already issues within the first week.