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    I have been a regular with soul star redemption. I'm pretty happy with the rewards so far and especially while I was levelling up the first time to 100 the extra lucky star tickets were nice for days when the dailies would reset twice (aka maint).

    I like them but I would recommend being able to get all the condensed/karma/rusty etc nuclei needed for alchemy armor through this table too in the first and second tiers.

    Rates for the 80 point tier have become hard because master alchemy boxes don't have the announcement rate they used to so there's no surefire easy way to go for them.

    There’s a way to get this idea to work.

    1) Two lines of the table (vertical) are auto suggested items that consist of mallets, mclay quantities, extremes, blessed alchemy clovers, Malch peices in quantities that make the table viable for Aeria also.

    2) Items from the list are selected as appropriate for the table rather than randomly. This would allow for weekly themes while still having diversity of player input.

    >as requested by op to be posted here

    Just going to point out here that this thread is for all the community already whether you are a free player or not. It affects free players even moreso and that is why we need this in place to give them the best experience Ingame.

    Think about it logistically; even if things inflated significantly it wouldn’t impact people who pay as much because there will always be a way to get what they want aka AP. It’s the free players who are affected the most.

    Secondly using Magic Alchemy Clays as the standard is the best option we have to measure the state of the economy. Saying it’s not a good measure of an item to use and then not providing a better alternative does not help in finding a solution.

    Lastly this thread isn’t limited to just the ideas presented in the OT, they are asking for ideas. It would be advised to read the original post again.

    I've been a player of Grand Fantasia for longer than I would have liked to, having discovered it in High School and continuing to play it through till now through to my third job. In short it's been a huge part of my life, especially the forums prior to it moving here where I was known as evilishan/walmazi.

    Firstly a huge thanks to Dark for this thread. Having been a forum fanatic once, I can't imagine how much time he would have put into getting all the detail he's put into making it. The video is also done very well, an easy watch that gets to the point and makes a strong case.

    I'm on board with the suggestions mentioned in this thread and to summarise:

    • We need Mission Orders and Final Destination back within this game. Just adding Mission Orders will not do anything for inflation as even proved by my own video here:
      . I was one of the players that was able to make myself strong through spamming dungeons. Even back in 2015 I was able to complete the dungeon without any star mount/archive buff/prefixed costume with alts getting to FD fairly easily also.

    • We've actually been here before; anyone remember Gaia? The inflation due to players botting quest items drove the cost of Mclays to 1200 and it remained above 1000+ all the way through till the merge with Bodor. A player by the name of Ajani had made an identical thread at that point outlining why letting items inflate was such a bad idea for Grand Fantasia.

    • I've mentioned this to death but Greater Repair mallets are an essential item for players of this game and they're the only one that is very dependant on the Mclay economy. It would make a good candidate for UGC. To prevent abuse of this it would be preferable if these were NT.

    • No MMO ever released after Grand Fantasia has the ability to go unlimited gold dungeons. Aura Kingdom is an example of a game where the English speaking population is the largest demographic, no one is even considering making dungeons unlimited. Although our ES/PT populations are decent, our EN population rivals that of TS (aka bad).


    • Correlation is not entirely causation in the case of inflation; mclays which are a better indication of player purchasing power (as free players are entirely separated from the AP card economy) and these have seen stability. Likely real time cause of inflation in prices is the decrease in player population within the EN region between 2015 and 2018. Mclay prices have fluctuated between 300g-650g prior to thier drastic increase over the last year and 1/2. As population has decreased the price of mclays is due to rise as there are fewer people purchasing them online (population has dropped by 70% since that time period).

    Despite what I've mentioned above, Dark's plan of action is the best course of action for the game. I wish we could turn back and have this implemented prior to the release of Siwa. Let us hope it is reflected and acted upon.

    I do agree somewhat with the culture thing. Siwa was nice but it was also a mess in terms of chats... while it was still active you could barely use world chat on channel 1 because others wouldn't understand you and talk over you.

    There was a 'soft' merge when the SEA GF server went down aswell (because this was hosted by a different company) and we received many Indonesian and Malaysian players. German and Italian players have merged well/stuck to their channel or left when the hard merge between the two servers happened..

    Then again with the population we have between the two servers while this concern is valid in where it's coming from, I don't really think it will be a problem.