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    we are currently busy with other stuff but ill try and get to that as soon as i can find the time for it due to this not being that highly prioried

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    me personaly i would like to see MO limit go back to 5 each day and requiering Final Destination heres are some of the reasons:

    1. players now adays dont work in teams to have a good time with each other. this means players dont find new friends and they dont learn to work together. this in its turn made the game more of how much gold each person could make in one day.

    2. the prices of items that everyone want is ridiculacely high for example magic clays. we all that has played for a while remember when they were like 100-600g ea look at the prices now. 1400g for each players that dont have means to catch up with these prices see it as a pay to win game. this mean that most new players stoped playing quiet fast due to they not being able to enjoy the game for what it is.
    3. people with money now get even richer due to them being able to spam dgns more and more each day. this as well as useing four other chars at the same time means they get even richer. im not saying we should start not allowing multi logins in dgns im just saying theres a conection to the no limit being out there right now.

    these are just 3 of the things that i have gotten people complain about when they come to the game for the very first time and i wont say they aint right. the game has actualy started to turned in to a pay to win game but since my play style is to try and show people that the game can be played for completely free with $0 invested in AP the prices of things makes it harder but not impossible. but we can still fix this and this is just one out of afew ways to do so.

    Rikka and Tsuki´s Halloween event!! <3

    Can you help Rikka and Tsuki with their investigation on the strange happenings within the GM Map?

    BE CAREFUL! There are reports of strong monster activity inside and this has resulted in the disappearance of many sprite messengers..

    ⋟ When: Monday (October 29th, 2018) at 14:00 Server time.

    ⋟ Where: Meet Rikka and Tsuki at GM Map. (X:731 Y:466)

    ⋟ What:

    • Rikka and Tsuki will task you with a list obtaining items from a Series of Monsters infecting the GM Map

    They require them to help finish their investigation of the GM map.

    • Dying will result in you not being counted for the active round.
    • Lucky Charms or any Drop Bonus items are NOT allowed. (If seen the player will be disqualified)
    • All drops must be done from inside the GM Map.

    ⋟ Prizes:

    Halloween Candies