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    If items could be afforded then more people would sell them. If more people sell them then more will be available thus removing their "rare" status. The reason more people can't sell them is because nobody can buy them with their zimbabwe gold. This is so simple dude why can't you see this

    If the people who control the items control the price and make it higher than you can afford then they never get their money because they CAN'T SELL IT. Please take a look at the big picture and realize that none of that had anything to do with the actual problem. Your money is worthless bro. That's the problem. You can't buy 1 USD with 1 Zimbabwe dollar. And your gold is worth less than a Zimbabwe dollar bro. Google how economies work and come back when you get it.

    I love how this person thinks they are right when most of the people here agreed with Dark.

    The reason most people agreed is because dark's statements are backed by empirical data whereas yours are backed by you crying for more money and gold, speaking for new people as if they agree with you. But so far I don't see any NEW players agreeing with you.