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    Mozeps point is based on the fact druid has animation in his forms so can't use candy unless you wanna end with a washed up AA as for doing anything else(damage etc) they need to change form or the fact that candies kinda blocks ranged autoattacks from ranged classes so classes like predator which even right now isn't that strong with candies back would lose both mobility(which is one of the predator main points) and DPS . Also the no animation mechanics sinergize way too well with no cooldown from overclocks which means that while a shinobi will use his burst for a few secs and then have a lower damage output (like they're doing now on ninja transform) a mm or a gunner with overclock can permaspam his skill hitting as many times as the button is pressed. After fear got nerfed i feel like pvp candies are not a must anymore while for pve they're great.While some animation on some important skills like destroyer armor crack should be a little bit faster for most other skills they're put there to balance out the output a class can dash out like for example mm 100% triple skill that with classing the skill and getting the triples get also a much slower animation. Classes like predator for example doesn't have much animations cause they're the class that it's supposed to be fast at attacking while casters have midfast animations cause there is already the cast time mechanic to slow em down unless they learn how to chaincast. If anything it's the mount animations that are fked up but without a overall rework on most classes i think there is no way we can throw the candies back in saying "yeah fine it's the same for everyone"