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    GS Name [GS]Tsuki
    Gender Female
    Age 27
    Country USA
    Job Student
    Guild LastDefense

    Who Am I?

    I've been playing Grand Fantasia since open beta. I love anime and manga and I'm currently studying for a university psychology BA major. My favorite anime is Black Butler and my favorite manga is The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross by Arina Tanemura. If I'm not gaming, then I am creating Anime Music Videos~

    My favorite animals are Foxes, Cats, Wolves, Dogs

    WHAT OTHER GAMES DO YOU PLAY? Depends but generally if its not grand fantasia, its usually a indie pixel psychological horror game ^ - ^

    WHAT IS YOUR DISCORD? Tsuki#9563 Feel free to bug me anytime <3 I love chatting



    Making AMVs and Letsplays on my youtube channel
    Writing stories and roleplays
    Enjoys playing indie horror games when not on GFO

    What I Like About Grand Fantasia

    Questaholic I want more Q-Q
    The fun people :D
    The beautiful yet complicated landscape of Ilya

    As a long time player branching from 2009, here and there 2011-current. I've seen the changes of item prices especially a time where m-alchemy clays were 300g or even less. Back in 2015 I was still sporting dungeon drops with not a single gold on me. And seeing how much the economy has changed just surprises me. Back then dungeons were actually run together as a team with different classes. Yes the range of gold influx needs to change but to me what is most important was the MO limits and final destination. It gave us players a reason to actually work together and make new friends.