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    For the spirit of Halloween, the land of Sapheal hides only the darkest of tales. And the Moon Queen has grown quite tired of reading all those boring Creepypasta stories.

    Do not judge a book by its cover, even the cutest of characters can become our worst nightmares.


    Now it will be your turn to show how frightening of a tale lurks deep within your dark sprited mind.


    Below are 5 images, you must choose 1 of the prompts.

    Your task: Create a horror story based on the image. Be as scary as possible, must include the prompt's scene in some way.

    Prompt 1:

    Prompt 2:

    Prompt 3:

    Prompt 4:

    Prompt 5:

    [If you cannot see these ^ links please look at the example link: the images are also there]

    Your submission MUST be a shared google document link.

    1 Entry Per Player

    Multiple submissions will be disqualified

    No Swearing or Sexual Themes Allowed.

    You must have the following added to your post


    In Game Name: Tsuki

    Prompt #: 3


    DEADLINE: All Submissions are due by October 31st 2:00pm EST. Submit your entry on this forum page or on the #HauntingSpriteTales Discord tab.


    1st Place: GM Wish Title

    2nd Place: Combat Mount*

    3rd Place: Archive Costume*

    *CBM must be from current archive, none from new tier spending

    *Costume follows the same as above, any requests for VFS/CBT will be revoked.

    Have Fun and Best of Luck My Spritelings <3 [GS]Tsuki



    Discord Event <3

          The moon queen is always thinking of what makes an outfit truly unique and she wants you to step on the stage. Can you fair up to the competition! Dress your best to the theme of the week.

    Players will be given a theme to dress up by they will have 1 week do decide on their final look before entering.

    Time limit for entry Tuesday- Sunday 11:59pm Server time

    Monday will be for judging of the winner.

    Every Tuesday will be updated with a new theme.       

    Rules: Submit on the discord event channel.

    1 entry per person. Screenshot must be visible.

    Must add in game name beneath your image.


    Participants: Prize Is Subject To Change

    Winners of the Week:

    1st Place - Magic Alchemy Clay x25

    2nd Place - Magic Alchemy Clay x15

    3rd Place - Magic Alchemy Clay x10

    All participants will be added to a raffle for a chance to win an archivable costume or cbm

    Theme of week 22: Clowning Around~

    winners of week 21: Rise of the Dragons

    1st Place: Syrene
    2nd Place: Spiriteon
    3rd Place: Lescanthe
    Raffle Winner: Ryouke


    GS Name [GS]Tsuki
    Gender Female
    Age 27
    Country USA
    Job Student
    Guild LastDefense

    Who Am I?

    I've been playing Grand Fantasia since open beta. I love anime and manga and I'm currently studying for a university psychology BA major. My favorite anime is Black Butler and my favorite manga is The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross by Arina Tanemura. If I'm not gaming, then I am creating Anime Music Videos~

    My favorite animals are Foxes, Cats, Wolves, Dogs

    WHAT OTHER GAMES DO YOU PLAY? Depends but generally if its not grand fantasia, its usually a indie pixel psychological horror game ^ - ^

    WHAT IS YOUR DISCORD? Tsuki#9563 Feel free to bug me anytime <3 I love chatting



    Making AMVs and Letsplays on my youtube channel
    Writing stories and roleplays
    Enjoys playing indie horror games when not on GFO

    What I Like About Grand Fantasia

    Questaholic I want more Q-Q
    The fun people :D
    The beautiful yet complicated landscape of Ilya

    As a long time player branching from 2009, here and there 2011-current. I've seen the changes of item prices especially a time where m-alchemy clays were 300g or even less. Back in 2015 I was still sporting dungeon drops with not a single gold on me. And seeing how much the economy has changed just surprises me. Back then dungeons were actually run together as a team with different classes. Yes the range of gold influx needs to change but to me what is most important was the MO limits and final destination. It gave us players a reason to actually work together and make new friends.