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    First of all i want to say, good job to Dark and Adam (and everyone else that help to make this happen)

    Second. It goes without say that i agreed with most of it. This have to change and soon, hopefully. There are some great suggestions and idea so far, glad to see this much support, keep them coming. I wont say/eco what everyone have said so far but id like to add to this instead.

    I know gold cap wont likely to increase so, what if we had an Item that sums the gold, 99k = 1 (insert name, gold bar??). We are deciding prices acording to mclays (exp, gala nuc will is, let say 500 clays). Giving the range of clays prices, its not static. If we had an item like a gold bar, 5 bar 500k for the gala. We can do it like that but... the hassle of going to 4-5 chars to get the gold and send.. yeah. I hope we can have something like this added to if we get a revamp with the current gold system.

    Thanks everyone.