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    So...we're looking to stabilise gold being generated and how much is taken out, gold sinks. Ya?

    We could bring back MO limits and Final Destinations. But readjust the MO gold rewards, maybe. So, players are limited to X amount of Mission Orders, but pay out considerably. (Skills can cost a bit at times).

    Add more necessities to NPCs...but not to an extent where we see MFIs in General Stores!

    Implement Entry Fees to VFS, considering the kind of items that could be obtained from there. The higher the floor, the higher the price you'll have to pay to enter. We could do tiers of those floors i.e. F1-5 same cost, F6-10, F11-15, F16-19, and F20 etc. Floor 20 drops BPs like PEN & MPEN BP so yeah this probably will, or should, cost the most.