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    My first post in the "new" forums

    I completelly agree with putting in the mo limit to lower the gold being brought into game

    I don't like final destination as even when running dungeons i would miss it, but it would stop a lot of the bots being able to leech dungeons.

    From what i have seen gold selling is doing really well at the moment and it would be nice to see these bots shut down.

    Also in the past AG has managed the economy running events like the GM auctions, though i know we are probably beyond something like that helping i think the economy could be brought back with the help of a few gold syncs.

    I would suggest an NPC that can reroll the stats of yellow costumes for 25k gold

    I agree with the NPC to buy TW rings posted here by someone else (maybe for more than 15k gold though)

    An item ingame that can remove resonance stones without destroying them for 25k (This would lower the price of special runes and remove gold from the game...2 birds)

    Gold shop, where you advetise things for sale on the website and people buy via mailing gold and request to a GS (GSDark ofc)

    Theres many things AG can do to recover the economy not just mess with FD though that would be a huge help.

    Also, please do not stop multi clienting there are many of us that have a buff slave that this would not be fair to :)