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    MummyMeow I see no problem with Darkshade’s response. Your original post may have had content beyond your issue of associating the problem with AP, but it was all linked to that issue. Darkshade explained that the issue here is gold, and AP is only used as a tool for measurement.

    Clay is merely one item effected by inflation. Would it be better if Darkshade also brought up other items, like SKBs? When I played, I was essentially f2p (bought AP once, for marriage). The effects of inflation were very much visible with prices of many items vital to progression continually rising. From the information Darkshade provided, this trend seems to have continued. I definitely agree that all players need to be taken into account in looking for a solution. However, this is definitely an issue effecting every player.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong. The topic of this thread is inflation, causing the value of gold to drop. Your position is that the topic of this thread, inflation, has little impact on f2p players? If so, I’d argue against that assumption. As you stated earlier, AP spenders set the pace. To do even moderately decently, gear, items, forts, etc. are required. This costs gold. The way things are going, a f2p player will need more and more MO runs to just to afford a tiny fraction of what they need.

    Perhaps you dislike the solutions mentioned. If so, please contribute what you think would be a better plan. This thread is all about discussion. But seeing this as not a problem for everyone is a misunderstanding.

    XXX Sorry to bother, but your last sentence is bugging the heck out of me. Could you please tell me what class/guild/server Flow was in? (I'm having fun nostalgia-tripping here. Doubt I knew you well, but could swear the name is familiar.)

    MoM If you don't mind, could I ask you a few questions?

    • Do you believe that gold has a value that can change? Or do you believe the value of gold is fixed?
    • What do you believe inflation is and what effects do you think it has?

    iGeneric Now that's a post. I'm kinda trying to go through it and type thoughts/ask questions as I do, so this may get a bit cluttered. First off, thanks for all the effort put into it. Now for manic shooter, bulletpointhell.


    • Could you please explain how Darkshade's goals aim for a more socialist economy? Also, how would you look at communism/capitalism in a computer game (being a largely insulated virtual world where devs can control resources to such a greater extent than a government in reality)?
    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the problem you see that the rich people would not want the current situation to change?

    Obtaining Gold

    • When you said characters can easily solo dungeons, do you mean characters that have been playing a while, or have dungeons been severely nerfed? (Haven't played in about 2 years...) Or is this archive buffs?
    • So, lower MO rewards? Why would this be preferred over having an MO limit? Also, this plan seems geared specifically for players who create and run multiple accounts. What are your thoughts on those who cannot multilog?
    • The m-clay suggestion you made would set a lowest price on m-clay prices, not a cap. It would have no effect on keeping m-clay prices from rising, possibly having the reverse effect by decreasing supply. It would have very little effect on gold value outside of increasing inflation a bit by introducing more gold into the server. (You mentioned this coming up later, so my thoughts may change.)


    • ... While I agree that percentage based "taxing" of essentials can be an effective gold sink, this is also the kind of idea that makes player bases exceptionally bitter. Part of the issue is that, in reality, the reason for these services is required maintenance. Not only does this throw off comparison to real life examples, but it makes players feel like they are being unduly punished, that their work is not rewarded. Not that it can't be well implemented, but it's tough, especially if it's a service players are used to. Thoughts?
    • Don't have much else to say here. As others have said, gold sinks are good.

    Shifting Values

    • This is an interesting subject. By seeking to halt inflation, we are practically asking for an m-clay crash. However, this isn't the real world. Consequences will be a bit different. What consequences do you see in this happening?
    • Do you see gold and m-clay value as inversely proportional? If so, what would your solution be for a healthy economy?

    Thanks again for the post. It's a bit of a wall, but was fun enough going through in my own manner.

    Howdy. Used to play GF a ton and reading this is practically like opening a time capsule. Kind of depressing really... Looks like things just kept going as they did. I’m not currently playing, but this was a favorite topic of mine. So here’s my two cents.

    First off, a good economy is centered around what the average person can afford, not the currency itself. A good solution should try to balance out the ability that old/new p2p/f2p players have to succeed. That doesn’t mean people should be equal, but people should have the ability to put in effort and be meaningfully rewarded. (Note: an MO run is not rewarding if inflation makes it worthless.)

    The underground gold shop was amazing and widely well recieved. If I remember correctly, the two issues with it were that it required far too much work to do manually and there was no support for creating a more official form of it. This was definitely in the correct direction though. It increased supply of items bottlenecked through cash and allowed a very direct way of controlling the price of many staples. At the same time it lowered the gold contained in the game, decreasingly inflation. No clue how much attention it’ll get, but this should definitely be argued for until people act on it. It’s not a silver bullet, but helps a ton. Of course, other gold sinks help too. Their purpose would generally be a bit different though, being aimed at the large clumps, strictly with the goal of decreasing gold on the server.

    As my past meal ticket it’s tough to say, but MO limits should be part of the solution. Like the UGS, it’s not a silver bullet. People need a way to progress in game, and unfortunately many players aren’t cut out to play merchant. But as the chief gold source, the faucet should certainly be tightened more.

    The whole thing is a complicated problem. Thank goodness it’s mostly restricted to a virtual world. A good solution would require multiple adjustments and time. The sooner it gets put into motion, the better.

    Edit: Funny. Finally got around to reading all the posts after the original. Looks like I just repeated what’s being said over and over again here. MO limit, gold sinks, UGS. Guess it’s good to know everyone is clamoring together. Now just got to get this thread noticed somehow. Suppose a ton more people repeating main points here won’t hurt.