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    I think this is one of the better ways of handling it, but I couldn't see Aeria agreeing to it being Magic Alchemy Clay

    Much of her profit comes from this item so it's unlikely. I should have an entrepreneurial mind.

    What if the company fixed the item values? The said whose could force players to sell at the price suggested by the publisher.

    Ex: Tradable Magic Alchemy Clay - Suggested Price: 500 Gold

    I think increasing the price of consumable items is not a good idea for most because we don't have that much gold.

    What might come to have is new consumable items for high-level players because for these it is easier to get gold, increase the price of teleportation and the cost of collecting the Sprite for example?

    Untradable Magic Alchemy Clay could be sold in an NPC...

    I'm also posting to let everybody know that I've added subtitles to the video - hopefully those who do not use English as a first language will now be able to use the Auto-Translate option to be able to watch the video in the subtitles of their main language:


    I contribute translating to another language in the hope that this reaches the PT server.

    I agree. I have often tried to play this game for a long time but the ever-increasing prices as I returned (2011, 2015 and 2018) grieved me a lot because to get things demanded more and more time of play being that I can not stay playing many hours a day.

    I have never been an experienced player in any way, I never went from level 70 because I could not advance more than that without relying on someone to clean the Fenix Tower being that I appreciate 5 more players working together to finish the phase than paying for just a high-level someone to do it for me.