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    Hi everyone!

    First of all thanks to Dark and Adamont for this amazing and important investigation and for bringing this up to the community. At the end of the day we are all players who want to enjoy this game and keep it as player-friendly as possible.

    The prices and the amount of gold on this server are really insane at the moment. The first time I saw this was when someone was buying 650 mclays for 800g each just after AP-Cards trading was forbidden. I asked myself where this gold might come from after some more people started looking for amounts like this. Maybe I am just too poor to understand but I have the feeling that the AP-Cards are not sold ingame anymore but might be used on gold seller websites. To ban those or even to try get control over them might be one solution to the huge amount of gold on the server.

    In terms of MO limitations and FD I can absolutely see the change that was brought with the removal of those. But to be honest I don't see Mission Orders be the main problem. The main problem I see is the fact that you can pentalog in there. When I think about the DE server before the merge, we did not have MO limitations or FD but multi logging was strictly forbidden. Leeching PT was the start for many players: we had fun talking in the party, made friends, had our known runners who even helped with advice outside of PT. This is how I myself was able to improve and learn so I could run dungeons in a party and help others.

    I know things change and I can fully understand that MO limitations are needed on this server. But I think FD is not because especially newbies, not perfect equiped players or classes with lower movement speed would be in disadvantage. It can be very uncomfortable to be the one everyone is waiting for to get out and it might be frustrating too.

    In general I don't see why multi-logging is allowed in dungeons. The announce many of us may have seen ingame says, that multi-logging in any instance that requires player attendance is strictly forbidden. When we want to be precise one may say that MO's need players attendance too since it is a group mission.

    One pretty good gold sink that we don't have that long are the violet magic stones available at the general store owner. These consumables are very good and cost nearly as much as other consumables in AH. Just like the price of Delicious Turkey, Beef Tip Salad, Fishpancakes or Pork Skewers falls or rises depending on mclay tables, the price of the violet stones falls depending on city fame. So what if we put the main consumables (let's say those with blue names) in an NPC store?

    The Underground Gold Shop is something I've never heard of and I was pretty surprised that something like this existed. It sounds like an amazing thing to me and an opportunity to get interesting items you would not usually have easy access to.

    That is it from me:)