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    Show us your designs guyzzzz :p

    I think it's a really cool idea to propose new costs based on your tastes and choices.

    I don't say it will be easy for us to bring XLegend to actually realized them, but if you put yourselves into it, I will give a shot!! Promise :)

    I want a CM parex outfitxD

    how about all the CM's and GS's show off they're designsow XD

    another then thing that come to mind. I recently made Female Character for the first time on this game. while I was looking for a good look for her, because she a Berserker I wanted a cool armor for her. there are rarely any armor type costumes for girls. a number of then are a mix of armor and a dress. not many of them have the same kind of strong design like some of the male armors. the girls costumes are mostly made to be cute and/or sexy which is not bad its just sooo many of them XD

    in short I would like to see more armored armor for girls at least 5 more XD

    now with that out of the way I thought it be a good idea to show off my characters and talk about the ideas I had for them in some the looks I picked out for them and see what you guys think ^^

    Xizan1/ Templar

    so for that's charter I made to be a swordsmen of both Light and darkness. both the sword and shield transform in battle thought I do with that the sword as alittle bit bigger even out of battle and the shield is 1 of a few of them that changes form. I would like to see more of them if possible, the jet pack and shouter are there because they kind of match the color and I don't there not much I wanted for him better than nothing. XD

    sidenote: we could use some a scouter the go's form 1 ear to the other. you know like a full face visor kind of like this>

    Xiander/ Gearmaster

    as you can guess this character is a warrior of technology and as such he has a high-tech look to him. and he has 1 of the best greatswords (in my opinion). I stated this before but I really love this weapon I wish that there was more like it and/or a 1 handed version, we need more cool high-tech armor like this. no reason no to right? XD

    Caruso1/ Dimensionalist

    this one is somewhat a W.I.P. but this is how he looks for now what I was doing for is a dark demon using katana warrior of space and time. the dark dragon wings are cool but at times they can seem a bit stiff and too wide but they match the whole darkness look. we don't have many katana weapons in this game. maybe we need alittle more. it be nice.

    Xianna/ Berserker

    now this one is a big W.I.P. but this is what i'm working with for now she will change later

    so i'm going to a strong warrior girl look for her, the costume you get when you change to a Berserker is really cool and I like the red color. I also like it because its full armor...kind of, I like it because the bottom are is like a shorts and not a skirt. however It does suck that this armor can't be upgraded in any way. now that's not a bad thing I don't have enough to make yellow costumes like most people so but it is nice to have alittle bit of extra starts on gear every little bit helps XD

    the headphones are there because they match her eyes and there was nothing better. the cape its pretty much a place holder. thought it looks nice for now

    well that's if for me. I hope you guys liked this. show me your characters and designs and lets see if we can make some new ones ^-^

    also TY Parex for the shout out ^-^

    hey everyone as you can tell by the title I would like to talk about designs for costume weapons and armor

    a lot of cool/flashy designs I see mostly go in to two handed weapons. not like the 1 handed ones are bad there are a lot of good ones just they feel abit weak compared to the two handed ones. as well they aren't enough cool one handed animated swords (other weapons as well but mostly swords and shields ). like it be awesome to have a 1 handed version of the Chaospulse Greatsword or the shiny effects of the Empyrean Greatsword. again I know there are a few but have you ever wanted that one perfect weapon that stands out? pop? or work well with a class and/or a set of other costumes that matchers your characters that makes you go "this is is my hero character" something like that.

    also i think there should be more armor type costumes. yeah there a lot of them but they don't stand out all too much and most of the costumes we have are fancy robs, suits, and casual wear. not much that say "I'm a strong hero on an adventure!" and not saying that i don't like some of them most of them i do like. for example i love how the Nightfall Count Suit looks thought i feel it would look cooler with more armor parts on it. or i wish we had a few more costumes like the Armored Warlord Outfit i love that one.

    well those are my thoughts, what do you guys think? have any ideas od your own? is there something you and to see? whats your favorite kind of costume weapon? armor? do you a specific design you like for your character and/or the class that they are? share your thoughts and opinions. your never know if we make abig enough deal out of this maybe the GMs will consider using some of our ideas and designs or something .

    anyway that's enough of my rambling. thanks for taking time to seed my post you guys. have fun playing the game c: