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    Just to make things clear from the very beginning. I do agree that Candy should be usable in PvE.

    However, bringing back Candy to PvP is a horrible idea.

    There already is an extremely unhealthy way to PvP existing. It basically is;
    1. Have Focus Ring
    2. Attack fast.
    Having candy back in arena will just support this unhealthy gameplay.

    Not to mention, some of the given reason on why to bring back candy are just delusional and wrong.

    arena a lot more intense and unpredictable while in candy due to the instant animations you never know when a player
    will shroom you etc

    This has nothing to do with candy. There is no way can tell if you're getting shroomed or not. It can happen at any time.

    The examble with the templar doesn't even prove anything there. The same thing would've happened if there was no candy involved. As well as, just because things happen faster doesn't mean it's "more intense".

    Candy also helps when players get rooted/stunned/dizzy'd by everything under the sun as it lessen the amount of time by a bit

    No. No it does not reduce the amount of time you're CC'd. That's is entirely wrong and just stupid from you to assume it actually does reduce the CC Duration.

    Every class benefits from using candy

    Not every class benefits from candy.
    Right now, the game has two classes that do not benefit from candy. One is the Predator. The other one is the Druid.
    While Druids benefit a tiny bit from candy in PvE, Predators do not benefit from it at all.

    you say adding them to pve would be bad to druids not at all since druids can use candy in there human form and just aoe mobs while in staff with little to none animation

    This is the only way Druid can work with candy. In PvE. So you can grind in dungeons. Otherwise, it's horrible.

    Let me focus a little more on Druids. Let me tell you how the things you say about Druids are just wrong.

    they can still support very well if they wanted to in candy

    What kind of support are you talking about ?
    Druids can shackle a single person for ~8 seconds - That's something
    Healing Support - Awesome, too bad the main and basically only healing skill that is actually useful has a two second Cooldown meaning that support is very limited.

    Otherwise - Druid can not help with debuffing the enemy since the debuffs are exclusive to Eagle
    Druid can not help to keep the crystal since they only have six offensive skills. Two of which need charges. And another three skills have a high cooldown, one of those three skills has a very high cooldown and animation in candy. That leaves a single skill. Which is not spamable - again - because it has a two second cooldown.
    Any other support ? Maybe small boosts to the morale of your teammates. That's an interesting way to call an entire class worthless. Thank you, it's very appreciated. C:

    calling them a washed up AA is a bit of a stretch lower brackets candies on the druid class do help but don't want to go into detail on that

    In lower bracket. Aka the brackets which are dead.
    You won't go in on the details because you realised there are no positive things worth mentioning.
    The highest priority should be the highest level of PvP to be balanced. Argueing how good something is in low level brackets is worthless and stupid.
    Predators are strong. At lv40. Maybe. When you really try hard and spend alot of money. Congratulations, the class is no longer utterly garbage anywhere higher than 41.

    Oh and by the way

    there wasnt any bug fix for druid defdowns in 91+ PvP

    They are not bugged. They have never been bugged. Just because one of them is bad doesn't mean it's bugged and useless.