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    Why is it that we have to continuously enter a four digit code to get online? Its ridiculous and annoying. Especially for people like me who have multiple characters. I get if you wanted us to do it once for each character but every time we get online? What's the point of it?:rolleyes:

    I cannot get past the top line of in-game gifts. I keep getting the same gifts over and over again. If you're not going to let us move on to line 2 then why do you keep awarding the gifts? Those New Years log-ins.

    I am trying to decide between Time Traveler or Chronodrifter but I cannot find which class specializes in which? I remember when I created my account the thing to the right explained what each was but nowhere on your site nor Wiki is there any definition whatsoever of the class differences? Can someone please explain that to me or send me a link that I can follow?