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    Destroyer: LordBersi
    Holy Knight: Dextera
    Predator: 50ShadesOfAP <3
    Shinobi: Ryozo
    AA: -
    Druid: Sharz
    Warlock: Kurbi
    Shinigami: Shaoran
    Artillerist: Excadrill
    MM: Shyxor K0me Chibu
    Phantom: Zirr LaddieDaddy
    Chrono: Akira


    GS Name [GS]Chibu
    Gender Male
    Age 18
    Country Switzerland
    Job N/A
    Guild »Rebirth«

    Who Am I?

    I've been playing Grand Fantasia for 9 years, if you want to get my love send me cookies ^-^. I really love Cookies , also i love to watch anime specially something like The seven deadly sins. If im bored i play League of Legends with my premade but basically thats it. But dont worry if im not online in GrandFantasia you always can pm me on discord Chibu o/#2762 as long as you see me online i will answer as soon as possible, so feel free to pm me when ever you want <3


    Watching anime
    listening music
    talking with friends

    What I Like About Grand Fantasia

    VFS with friends
    Testing my limits
    love to grind to 100
    trolling around with people