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    Cool, was confused what the hell warlock, and destroyer even WERE until I looked at the wiki for this game, and realized that they were just the advanced classes for wizard, and berserker respectively. Guess I will make a berserker for my main, will also make a templar for maximum tankiness, because I also love tanking in dungeons+laughing at damage, never dying, and feeling safe, and a cleric to support, and help everyone with heals, so they would be my 3 mains.

    Guessing that while tanking itself will not be that important for lower level dungeons, it WILL be extremely useful for the highest level dungeons/raids, so I will also level my templar, and cleric to cap, and hope they will be more useful at that point. It's honestly pretty depressing that wizard, who is normally supposed to be a glass cannon caster with the highest DPS, who has little to no survivability to compensate, unlike the more tanky melee DPS, making the mages much more party friendly, and much less solo friendly compared to their melee counterparts, or the caster DPS at least has the highest AOE DPS to clear mobs, while the melee/physical damage oriented classes are the superior bossers, making both of them really good for specfic roles, or the casters are better at PVE DPS compared to physical DPS who is superior in PVP or something like that, that's what I am accustomed to in ANY OTHER MMORPG like this with specific, segregated roles, and with pure DPS classes like the wizard, if they are not the only class focusing on DPS in the first place, and I can think of a lot of examples like that, though that doesn't apply to quite a few MMO's that i know of.

    WoW has most classes having really good tools for both AOE DPS, and boss killing for their DPS specs, though classes like rogue focused more on the single target DPS side of the spectrum, and balance druids focused more on AOE DPS for instance, and MMO's like LOTRO, GW2, rift, wildstar, tera, FFXI, FFXIV, everquest, EQ2, SWTOR, and quite a few others. also deviate from that formula, but this looks like one of the MMO's where the wizards are SUPPOSED to be the pure glass cannons with the highest DPS in the game, or something like that, and they were trying to go that route with wizard, so I was going to pick it, since being a glass cannon was my kind of class, even if that really doesn't work for a game where you mostly solo dungeons while levelling, but it looks like they aren't very good at dealing insane DPS, and being a glass cannon, and since it looks like wizard was mostly DESIGNED for insane DPS, and being a glass cannon, though armour sets in this game seem to make them much more tanky if they need to, they're not very good PVE wise compared to some of the other classes for the most part if we are talking about balancing, turning them to a glass peashooter, if you are not using armour sets that make them significantly more tanky.

    Guess they are just bad at PVE compared to some of the other classes in this game, though some could be worse, where any of the archetypes mentioned above is EXPECTED for a class like wizard, which is sad, guess I will just make myself a berserker, always prefer smashing faces in melee over staying back when I had the choice anyway, so I'm somewhat glad that a melee class has the highest DPS for games like this for once, XD. Thanks for the help!

    Hiya guys! I just joined this game, while it looks like it has all the trappings of a P2W MMORPG, especially since it is made by aeria, it looks like a neat little game to play on my spare time, as a kind of side MMO along with the main ones I am currently focusing on, especially since the sprite crafting system mechanic in general looks interesting enough, since other MMO's haven't done crafting like that before, plus I can buy P2W items on the auction hosue. With that said, before I get started, and before I sound like a min maxing guy, because in this case, I'm actually not, what's the class with highest DPS in the game? Since it looks like you will do a lot of soloing, including dungeons, where survivability is very much needed, I am NOT asking for the best class in the game, and I very well know that it will most likely not be.

    I know that the highest DPS class is not the best overall class, but that's not what I want, I just care about DPS, and playing a glass cannon like class, being on the edge of your seat, and constantly melting enemies in 1 hit, and just killing enemies quickly, while fearing for your life because that's fun to me, melting down packs of enemies with AOE skills in dungeons, and dealing tons of damage to bosses, plus ginormous DPS is going to be great when I eventually do group, or get to endgame, and start doing endgame dungeons/raids whenever I get to that point. I'm guessing the highest DPS, going by other MMO's I play like this, or the ones closest to glass cannon is going to be the Wizard, or the berserker for melee DPS, but I want to know for sure, can anyone help out? Thanks, and sorry for the stupid and difficult question!