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    Hi My Friend's <3

    Destroyer: Danny very good DPS, good TANK, can put damage without focus ring just like Slt but you remain weak on the tank my bro, very very good TeamPlayer for both players.

    Holy Knight: Togatsu very good tank, who knows how to play with team, he knows how to use his DEBUFF !!!

    Predator: 50ShadesOfAP very good for xtal.

    Shinobi: 404Error very good Damage "281K hum hum <3" and TeamPlay, Ryozo very good DPS and Tank but you play alone, It's a pity my friend !

    Archangel: Eileey very good tank, knows cure, knows how to play in TeamPlay, use his debuff for his team what more ? TEAMEILEEYV2

    Druid: Yggdrasil ? It's a Prank LOL NULLARD

    Warlock: Entropie good Damage, good for xtal, good TeamPlay

    Shinigami: Shaoran very good for FULL ROOT for WIN

    Artillerist: Cipry good DPS on some people

    Mechmaster: AtomFried very good DPS and TANK

    Phantom : LaddieDaddy very good DPS

    Chrono : ?


    I love you my friend's <3

    NooobPlayer, Druid, Lv100.