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    IGN: Ellite

    --It was a beautiful day in June.The sun shone in the sky like a dimond.I and m colleagues were sitting quietly at the wonderful history lesson( just kidding, i hate history ew).He started to sound the alarm and called 3 times (i was like omg what happen? we're gonna die? ).No one knew what was happening, but i knew when i go out of the corridor, i saw more children coming out of school ( they were so scared lol ,kids btw).I didnt understand what was going on,but after asking my friend Bogdan(my crush lol) of the older classes, he told me it's alert to the bomb( i was like: "Uhh bomb?" ).

    --I was scared because my things and other things were in school,including the skirt( my favorite skirt uwu).It was an unbearable cold, the smaller classer were crying and they didnt understand what my heart suddenly stopped me( stupid kids).

    My thoughts were only to my 12th grade Egor brother(good brother btw) I didnt see in front the school, she called me right away and announced it to me , I found out he was in the room force, there was music and thought it was a normal sound.

    ---Egor went home because he was rushing, and I we stayed with Bogdan, Ernest and Ruxanda to wait our bags.

    It was a bit a bit daunting day for us ( and very very tiring day....).But still, I had a little time i spent with friends, even if a little scared ( im not a chicken ok ?).So that was my favorite day from school.It was a long time ago but still my favorite.Dont forget to pay attention on bombs and try to take your bags when u leave school ok ?.Everyone should love school and must have some beautiful memories.

    Thanks for everything,see you :* !


    Discord name: Bogdan Lupul#3084

    My ballon is a cute girl and she will go to her best friend's birthday.Isn't she beautifull?LET'S DRINK GIRLS YEYE PARTYYYY

    IGN:Ellite ( E L L I TE)


    I made Grand Fantasia themed cookies based on "Magical moon cake".Hope u like this :*!


    1. 1 pack of dough rolls (2 pieces in, we use both)
    2. 5 tablespoons of sugar
    3. a cup of water
    4. 40 apricot kernels or apricot jam
    5. 4 tablespoons starch
    6. 100 g of melted butter
    7. a splash of brandy
    8. a splash of essence of vanilla

    Method of preparation:

    1. I set the oven to preheat 180 degrees.
    2. I put the water with sugar into a saucepan in a saucepan. When it started to boil, I added the apricots, then one tablespoon of starch, brandy and vanilla essence, and mixed until I got a thick fruit sauce.
    3. I dismantled each piece of dough dough (carefully, and after it had frozen beforehand at room temperature), put them in 2 cakes (baked with baking paper), so that the sides of the foil fall over the edges of the trays . I melted the butter with butter, added fruit, covered with a side, greased once with melted butter, poured the composition, covered with the second side, stuck to the corners, put some butter over and ready.
    4. I drank 30 minutes. After that I got out of the trays and I went to cut / tested / tasted. If you have patience, wait until it cools, because if it's hot, apricot and hot sauce is flowing, but it's good.

    Bon Appetit :* !