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  • Please Parex i been trying for 1 whole month to get our accounts back. Please read this comment before you delete it. My wife and i love thise game with all of our heart. I replied to the email you sent. please take it into consideration that her and i been here since 2011 and never been in trouble. We miss playing. Also in the time we haven't been playing we been catching up on Gin Tama lol one of our new favorite animes right now. Please read this before it gets deleted. We been brutally honest in all of our posts. Thanks for the time you been dealing with us.. we want to get back to our accounts and play... =]]
    • please reply to your tickets. I am really giving back the maximum of the accounts that have been more or less implicated in this story, we don't want to permaban people. But there are some limits, when you destroy the game economy it's normal that we take measures to protect it. Please reply with as many info as you can in order to help me out :)
    • Yes i understand i mentioned some of the accounts that are important to me and her. The rest on the bottom that i wrote are to no use of us. Its just we been here a long time and the accounts i mentioned on mine and hers have all of our 8 years of playing day in and day out. We would never do anything to hurt they economy or anyone playing we enjoy helping people as much as we can. Just please take a look at my email whenever u get the chance..thanks again parex =)
    • I Added some more info to my ticket to explain everything parex.. So just waiting patiently for some great news =]